Lesieli's story (800 x 450)

Another mouth to feed

Lesieli loved her five children to bits, but life was a struggle. When a sixth child arrived, she almost went under.

A growing family

Lesieli and her family struggled after the birth of their sixth child. There was very little income for everyday needs. Lesieli cried every day, worrying about how she could even afford enough nappies for the baby let alone buy enough food to feed their growing family. She felt so weak she could hardly get out of the house to seek help.

Bridge over troubled waters

One of our family workers visited the family after a Plunket Nurse noticed that something was wrong. It was a relief for Lesieli to pour out her troubles to someone who could provide practical help along with emotional support. The family worker helped her access food parcels and budgeting advice. She also supported Lesieli in enrolling her preschooler at kindy and encouraged her with regular visits.

Newfound purpose and joy

Lesieli is now able to enjoy her children again – she feels stronger and life is much better for the whole family. She has found a job and a renewed sense of purpose, knowing she can find help when she needs it.

“The support we got was excellent and it gave me peace. It took a big hard rock from off my back.”