Housing help for Auckland’s marginalised


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Housing help for Auckland’s marginalised

Cold damp homes, overcrowding, high rents, not enough houses…. These are some of the reasons many families find it hard to put a roof over their heads.

The need

Many children are growing up in less than adequate houses, where many people are sleeping in one room or crowded into the garage. Conditions like this can make them sick, but with most of the family income going on rent, there’s little left over for food or medicine. Poor housing can lead to disrupted schooling for children and increased stress for parents struggling to make ends meet.

Our response

At Family Works in South Auckland, we have a family worker who is dedicated to working alongside families with social housing needs. They collaborate with Housing New Zealand, Work & Income and community agencies to get the best outcomes for families who need a home. They will also link families to services such as budgeting and public health nurses to help reduce debt and increase stability.

Your part

Your $500 gift will help give families a home, by supporting our Family Works social housing family worker.

Make lives better for vulnerable children