Violence-free communities

Family Works spreads awareness and knowledge about family violence in partnership with other organisations and networks. At present, we have a particular focus in Tauranga and Whakatane communities and Auckland secondary schools.

Our passionate, trained professionals work in schools and communities to:

  • raise awareness of family violence and its impact
  • encourage people to take a stand against violence
  • network with others to help prevent violence.

What you can do

  • Keep an eye out for events and presentations like those below
  • If you or your family are experiencing violence, contact your local Family Works site.

Initiatives we’ve been involved with:

  • White Ribbon.
  • It’s Not OK song quest.
  • Mangere College becoming an ‘It’s not OK’ school.

“As a community we can do this together…We know that most people want to help, they are just not sure how to.”

This service is available at:

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