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October 16, 2015
Strengthening Families

Building a strong family

Family life getting on top of you? Confused about how to get the right help or already dealing with a number of agencies? We’re here to make the process easier and help you strengthen your family life so it works better for everyone.

Our free Strengthening Families service is a process that helps you access the services you need. Whether it’s a budget advisor, social worker, doctor, teacher or other support person, we can help by bringing everyone together to discuss your family’s needs and agree on what everyone will do.

You only have to tell your story once and you stay in control. Together, you make a plan that suits your family and everyone works on making it happen.

Strengthening Families can help you with:

  • Parenting issues and stress.
  • Children’s and teenagers’ behaviour.
  • Child physical health and disability.
  • Mental health issues.
  • Financial situation/budgeting/debt.
  • Issues at schools.
  • Family relationships.
  • Housing or benefits.

Where to start

  • Contact your local Family Works site directly
  • Any agency can refer you to Family Works.

“It’s been great having the help to keep on top of things again. Life is much improved and the family atmosphere is a lot happier.”