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Family Works aspires to build communities where all children and their families can thrive and reach their full potential.

Imagine if all our children had a fair go…far too many are facing challenging personal journeys and circumstances.

Children flourish when families and whānau function well, and we believe that while everyone has strengths, they sometimes need help. We are reaching those who might otherwise struggle to connect. Together with a team of dedicated family workers, we are building bridges for the children and families who we champion every day.

A regular gift of $30 each month will help us to deliver practical services to children and their parents. It will help provide counselling for children and teens to help them manage their emotions, overcome the effects of trauma, grief and loss, and help build their self-confidence. It can contribute towards family counselling to help families resolve conflict and strengthen their relationships to form strong, loving bonds.

Please help us by becoming a Family Works Angel…because every child deserves to feel safe
in their own home.

Donations are accepted by Visa and Mastercard and are charged in NZ dollars.