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Building strong communities

Positive, healthy communities encourage families to flourish.

We believe that by working together and investing in people and communities, we can make a big difference to a lot of lives. From community advocates to budgeting services to parenting programmes in prison we meet community needs in many different ways.

What do you need?

Know someone being released from prison?

We can help women released from prison to find their feet again in the community. We provide support for housing, employment, education or health needs. We also support the families of women in prison.

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Worried about violence in your community?

You can raise awareness of family violence and help put a stop to it in your community. Our family violence prevention advocates and response coordinators support high schools and communities to become violence-free.

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Finding it hard to put food on the table?

We can provide an emergency food parcel to help you get through the tough times.

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Struggling to pay the bills?

Do you need help to manage your money, become debt-free or simply want to be smarter with your money? We can help you work out your finances and plan for the future.

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Read how we've helped Rezkah’s Story

Rezkah suffers from serious medical conditions and is often in and out of hospital. As he can’t support himself, he’s been evicted a few times for failing to pay rent. He has no family here.

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