We’ve helped children and families flourish

Every day we work with children and families to help them make positive, lasting changes. Read about some of our clients’ journeys.

Max’s Story

Eight-year-old Max adored his dad and followed him wherever he went. Unfortunately, this exposed Max to his dad’s drug habits and violent criminal activities. His dad never seemed to notice that Max was around.

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Andrew’s Story

Five year old Andrew is enjoying life growing up with his grandparents. It hasn’t always been like this for Andrew. When he was just 2 years old Andrew was sent to live with his grandparents.

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Bella’s Story

Bella’s mum had recently escaped from an abusive relationship and wasn’t well enough to care for the five-year-old. Her sister Diane* took in the little girl.

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Rezkah’s Story

Rezkah suffers from serious medical conditions and is often in and out of hospital. As he can’t support himself, he’s been evicted a few times for failing to pay rent. He has no family here.

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Katie’s Story

Eleven-year-old Katie* was born with a bubbly personality. She was fearless and always had a smile for everyone. This all changed when she witnessed a traumatic event.

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Kayla’s Story

Counselling helps families who’ve experienced violence to heal and form loving bonds – as mum Kayla* and her sons discovered when they sought help to start again.

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Wilson's Painting

Wilson’s Story

Find out how a Family Worker used art sessions to help Wilson* express his emotions and heal from his trauma.

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Molly’s story

Molly's* husband was violent and like so many women in abusive relationships, she found it difficult to find a way out.

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Gemma’s story

Gemma’s children showed signs of deep emotional scars from witnessing their father’s violence. Even when he was in prison, they were still terrified.

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Ashleigh’s story

The elderly woman and her husband both had health problems and were finding it hard to cope with the 9-year-old’s challenging behaviour.

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