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We’ve helped children and families flourish

Every day we work with children and families to help them make positive, lasting changes. Read about some of our clients’ journeys.

Family Works Northern, brother and sister

Katie and Jordan’s Story

Both children had been struggling to come to terms with their mum’s ill health and now they were faced with the grief and loss of their dad dying.

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Ritesh and Janvi’s Story

When a couple were struggling to bring their young family together, the Incredible Years programme helped them through their challenges.

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Owen’s Story

When a 13-year-old boy found himself trapped in the darkest place, a Family Works counsellor stepped in to hold up the light.

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Casey’s Story

When Casey* went through a dark phase as a teen, our Family Works counsellor helped her to find hope.

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Ashley’s Story

“THIS IS MY LIFE – THIS IS ME. Because this is who I am and who I am meant to be. I AM AWESOMEEEE, I know. I am Ashley Jordyn.”

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Sally’s Story

All five-year-olds need time to adjust in school. For Sally though, the challenges were even more difficult as she is blind.

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Max’s Story

Eight-year-old Max adored his dad and followed him wherever he went. Unfortunately, this exposed Max to his dad’s drug habits and violent criminal activities.

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Andrew’s Story

Five year old Andrew is enjoying life growing up with his grandparents. It hasn’t always been like this for Andrew. When he was just 2 years old Andrew was sent to live with his grandparents.

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Bella’s Story

Bella’s mum had recently escaped from an abusive relationship and wasn’t well enough to care for the five-year-old. Her sister Diane* took in the little girl.

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Rezkah’s Story

Rezkah suffers from serious medical conditions and is often in and out of hospital. As he can’t support himself, he’s been evicted a few times for failing to pay rent. He has no family here.

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