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Do you provide services only for Presbyterians?

Not at all –we are working to provide a better life for everyone through our services, regardless of people’s religious beliefs.

How will I know where my money is going?

We will communicate with you regularly about how your donations are helping to make a difference. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. Our annual report is available on our PSN website.

How long do I need to give for?

As long as you are able. We understand that your financial position may change at any time. You can make a one-off donation or become a regular donor.

Do I get a tax receipt?

If you have made a one-off donation to Family Works Northern, you will receive a tax receipt as soon as the payment is processed. For regular donations, you will receive a receipt for the total combined amount at the end of the tax year.

Do you help with housing?

Family Works does not own or manage any houses but our family workers and budgeters are experienced in dealing with housing issues such as advocating with Housing New Zealand and WINZ.

Do I have to pay for the services?

Most of our services are free. Some parenting programmes may ask for a small contribution or koha.
Our Family Works Resolution Service is free if you qualify for funding from the Ministry of Justice. Find out more here.

How can I get a food parcel?

All requests for a food parcel from the Auckland foodbank need to be made either through Family Works or another agency.

Can you talk to Work & Income for me?

Our family workers will work with you to make sure you’re receiving your entitlements and support you in dealing with government and/or other agencies, including Work & Income. If you need help now, find your nearest Family Works site.

Does Family Works share information with CYFS?

Family Works is required to contact CYFS in cases where there is real or potential harm to children and young people. Usually, your family worker will discuss this with you first.

Does Family Works run parenting programmes in the weekend or after hours?

Parenting programmes are sometimes run outside business hours. Check out our events page to see what days and times our current programmes are running.

Does Family Works provide relationship counselling services?

Family Works focuses on children and families, so counselling centres around family relationships and dynamics. Specific counselling for children affected by abuse is offered at all sites. Adults and couples without children who want individual or couple counselling are referred to other appropriate agencies. Separated couples and other caregivers can seek support from our Family Works Resolution Services to sort out their childcare arrangements.