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Help us build strong families today

Here’s a list of our current campaigns. We would greatly appreciate your generous support for any aspect of our work.

Read how we've helped Where needed most

Your donation will go towards an area that most needs your support, whether it is parenting programmes, social work support or helping families in any another way needed.

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Family works northern helps families and children like Jane's family

Read how we've helped Imagine if all our children had a fair go…

Responding to the changing needs in our communities, one of the recent initiatives by Family Works has been the introduction of a Social Worker – Early Childhood Education (ECE) role. Read Jane's* story here.

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Read how we've helped Mum and sons begin to heal

Ten-year-old Marcus coped by retreating into his shell. Kayla was still recovering from the abusive relationship and was working two jobs: she felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and unsure of her parenting skills.

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Read how we've helped Stepping out of her shell

Bella’s mum had recently escaped from an abusive relationship and wasn’t well enough to care for the five-year-old. Her sister Diane* took in the little girl.

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Read how we've helped A Big Brother is Born

To help Keith overcome his anxiety and attachment issues, his mum joined the Incredible Years parenting course. It transformed their lives.

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Read how we've helped The Miracle of Love and Time

Today Deanna* is a happy young girl, but things haven't always been this way.

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Read how we've helped Calming a Storm

Marcus* is a six-year-old boy with the energy of a thunderbolt. His way of resolving conflict was to apply force and hit his classmates. But after Marcus met Family Works counsellor Tina*, Marcus changed. The result is nothing short of miraculous.

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Read how we've helped Ruth’s Story

This time last year, Ruth* was dreaming of a safe, peaceful and happy life for her children, away from her abusive partner. But it was a dream that seemed impossible to her.

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Read how we've helped Gordon Achieves his Goals

Gordon was coming to school without lunch and had withdrawn as he worried about his family.

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Read how we've helped Tiana’s Story

This is the story of Tiana and her son Elijah – a story whose happy ending you have generously made possible.

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Read how we've helped Siblings Now Happily Back in School

Siblings Kylie*, Hayley* and Samuel* had a history of poor school attendance. The family were dealing with financial issues and the children had only one uniform each. To resolve these issues, the children were referred to our Social Worker in School (SWiS) service earlier this year.

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Incredible Years programme parent

Read how we've helped Helping Break the Cycle of Violence

The families you help might be one like little Baden’s. He was only a baby when his father locked his mother out of the house one cold night. It was just another episode in a violent household.

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Family Works Northern smiling boy

Read how we've helped Forgotten Boy Now Smiling Again

With your help, children like Tristan have access to counselling sessions that address their needs and helps them resolve difficult issues.

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Read how we've helped Budgeting to escape debt

Our budgeting services are underfund. Many people in our communities are facing extremely difficult financial times. As they struggle with day to day complex problems.

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Read how we've helped Resources for Family Works

Words can simply be too hard to say. For some children who are unable to express their concerns art and sand tray play therapy are the best way to vocalise their situations.

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