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Resources for Family Works

Sometimes, words can simply be too hard to say, especially for a child who is hurt or traumatised. In these cases, art therapy and sand tray play can be the best way for them to express themselves. Family Works counsellors and social workers use these resources, and others, to give vulnerable children a voice.

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$25 will help provide resources for counselling sessions with vulnerable children.

Impacting lives, one child at a time…

Hannah’s* life is now much more hopeful. But for years, she was terrorised by her father – a meth addict with gang affiliations. Her mum left the relationship, taking Hannah, but they were threatened with violence and lived in fear of their lives.

Her mum referred her to Family Works, in the hope that Hannah would talk with a counsellor about her fears and concerns. But Hannah wasn’t ready to tell her story, or maybe she didn’t have the words to express her feelings about what had happened. The counsellor turned to her skills in art therapy to find a pathway to healing for the little girl.

The counsellor explained to Hannah that she could use symbols to paint the strong parts of her story as well as the sad parts.. The result was an outstanding piece of work that demonstrated Hannah’s resilience and her new-found strength and hope.

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