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A great start in life

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for most families. It can also be stressful, especially for young families that are already struggling financially, or isolated from community support.

The solution

Our family workers are integrated into local Plunket teams in three high-need communities. While the Plunket nurses focus on health care, the family worker provides extra support for housing issues, benefits, budgeting or early childhood education. Sometimes, simply providing information is all it takes to create a sense of hope and a positive outcome for a vulnerable family.

The impact

One family was on the verge of homelessness and didn’t know about the support available to them. Our Plunket Family Worker let them know what they were entitled to and, after some gentle persistence, she was able to avert the crisis. The family was in a new home that weekend. By intervening early in a child’s life, Plunket Family Workers can relieve pressure on parents and create a more stable, healthy home environment for children.

Your part

A $150 donation today will help us give babies and young children a great start in life.

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