Financial Mentoring

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Financial Mentoring

Got money worries? Get support with our budgeting services

Do you need support to manage your money, become debt-free or simply want to be smarter with your money? We can help you with our Auckland based budgeting services.

We can help you work out your finances and plan for the future with our budgeting services. Regardless of whether you receive a benefit, ACC payments, wages or a salary, we’re here to help you become financially independent.

What do you need?

  • free budget advice and planning
  • intensive budgeting support to manage debt and creditors on your behalf. There is a small monthly charge for this service.

Where to start

  • Call us on 09 835 1288 for free budget advice and planning (Family Works Waitakere) or 09 639 2016 (Family Works Leslie Centre)
  • Bring your ID & financial documents to the interview (bank statements, rent/mortgage information, payslips, credit card statements, etc).

“It’s been a long, hard road, especially the first year but since we got help everything has been on the up. We’re no longer spending money we don’t have.”