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Helping children and young people thrive

We’re here to support children and young people to overcome challenges at home or school.

Family Works offers a range of services including counselling, social work and programmes to help children and young people. We work with the child, their family, school and the community to find a new way forward and a positive outcome for all involved.

What do you need?

Does your child feel scared, angry or anxious?

When home no longer feels safe, the impact on children can be particularly painful. Our counselling and group programmes help children overcome the effects of family violence or neglect and develop a positive sense of self again.

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Support at high school?

Young people can sometimes get ‘lost’ in the high school environment and struggle to stay focused. Our trained mentors help young people to improve their learning, school attendance, achievement and overall wellbeing.

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Support at primary or intermediate school?

School can be a difficult part of a child’s life, especially when other factors make it hard for them to focus on learning and enjoying school. Our social workers are right there in the school to help if your child is struggling with self-esteem, social skills, relationships, violence or bullying.

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Read how we've helped Kayla’s Story

Counselling helps families who’ve experienced violence to heal and form loving bonds – as mum Kayla* and her sons discovered when they sought help to start again.

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