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How we’ve made a difference to Kiwi families in the last year

We supported 15, 700 children

and their families through Family Works social services.

2,700 separating parents

sought help to agree on their children’s care arrangements.

170 women

had their self-confidence and safety restored through anti-violence education programmes.

110 children

were helped to overcome the effects of family violence through violence education programmes.

123 pieces of helpful

information and advice given every school day by social workers in schools.

1,405 parents and caregivers

improved their parenting skills through parenting programmes.

1,002 people benefited

from our budgeting services and advice.

2,338 emergency food parcels

given to people living below the poverty line.

136 female offenders

supported on their release from prison.

4,027 children

had their social needs met at school through programmes run by social workers in schools.

65 social workers

supporting children and young people in 118 schools.

A team of 950

dedicated professionals working to create a better life for everyone.

Help Andrew feel safe at home today

Sadly, New Zealand has a terrible record of child abuse and family violence. On average, one child is killed every five weeks and a young child is hospitalised every second day as a result of abuse or neglect.

Your donation will help children cope with and recover from the effects of domestic violence. You’ll be funding Family Works services that  restore children’s lives. A regular gift of $30 each month will help pay for much-needed social services, such as counselling, play therapy, parenting programmes, social workers and emergency food parcels.

Please help us by becoming a Family Works Guardian Angel … because every child deserves to feel safe in their own home.

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