Food for hungry families


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Food for hungry families

Imagine not being able to feed your family properly. You’ve lost your job, or can’t make ends meet on the wages you earn. Maybe most of your income goes on paying the rent. At the emergency Foodbank we see the impact of poverty in situations like this every day.

The need

Last year we distributed 2,324 emergency food parcels, which helped feed almost 5,000 children. We receive no Government funding for this service and depend entirely on the generous support of people like you.

Your help today

Your gift of $120 will buy emergency provisions to keep a family fed while we work with them to find more permanent solutions.

For people like Jan…

When Jan* had to flee her home she couldn’t feed her baby and young twin daughters. Family Works gave Jan a food parcel to get her and her children through a very difficult time while they waited for emergency housing and family support entitlements.

Many parents like Jan need to leave home to keep themselves and their children safe. Often they have nothing apart from the clothes on their backs.

By funding an emergency food parcel, you will help families like Jan’s survive the tough times. A parcel of nutritious necessities can provide relief for three or four days until further support can be arranged.

* Not her real name.

Help feed hungry families