Mum and sons begin to heal


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Mum and sons begin to heal

Having witnessed his dad’s violent temper, eight-year-old Tai had developed a tendency to be hot-headed. He hit and bullied other kids including his brother Marcus. Their mum Kayla felt overwhelmed. Even though Tai’s dad had walked out, she was still recovering from the abusive relationship and was working two jobs. Family Worker Megan helped the family to rebuild and heal. Kayla attended the Incredible Years parenting course, while Tai went through the Restore programme. At first his progress was slow but Megan helped Tai work on strategies to remain calm and improve his feeling of self-worth. Tai and Marcus are now building a close, trusting bond and Kayla feels confident about their future as a family.

“They’re both having a lot of fun and Tai isn’t trying to fight his brother all the time now”.

*All names have been changed and stock images used to protect our clients identity.

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