The Miracle of Love and Time


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The Miracle of Love and Time

Today, Deanna* is a happy young girl, but things haven’t always been this way.

After the arrival of her siblings, Deanna no longer had her parents’, Sam* and Jane’s* undivided attention. With the busyness of a growing family they found it difficult to give Deanna the same time and attention they had before.

Deanna felt angry and jealous. At home she was uncooperative and was bullying her siblings. At school, things had become tough too.

But thanks to you, Family Works were able to work alongside Deanna and her family to help them build on the strengths they already had and help them to flourish.

Amber*, our family worker suggested a responsibility and reward chart to help build Deanna ‘s relationships in the family,  with rewards reflecting what Deanna wanted most – her parent’s time.

The change in Deanna was remarkable. Simple tasks were rewarded with time with mum and dad, and she began to enjoy her responsibilities thriving on the attention she received. Soon Deanna was interacting with her siblings with more love, and issues at school have been addressed.

A parenting programme has helped Sam and Jane to learn that one of the most important things for their children’s wellbeing is simply to give them their time.

*Names and images changed to protect identity.

Thanks to your wonderful support as a Family Works Angel, Family Works has been able to help Deanna and her family to feel safe, strong and connected. They are now facing their challenges with hope.