A Big Brother is Born


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A Big Brother is Born

Four-year-old Keith* struggled with severe anxiety and attachment issues. He couldn’t stand being apart from mum, so leaving him at daycare was almost impossible. He also hated sharing mum’s attention with his two-year-old brother Kyle*. Keith was aggressive and refused to play with him. It was affecting Kyle who was becoming insecure and angry.

Keith’s challenging behaviour often lasted from breakfast to bedtime. The struggle was so hard that mum often felt powerless and fatigued.

To help Keith overcome his anxiety and attachment issues, his mum joined the Incredible Years parenting course. It transformed their lives. She learned techniques to quiet Keith’s anxiety and make him feel safe, while encouraging him to explore and build his self-confidence. She also learned more about the ‘toddler years’ and the different stages her children will go through as they get older.

As mum applied what she learned, she noticed a remarkable change. Keith was learning to follow mum’s boundaries. Although still feeling anxious from time to time, he has discovered that it’s ok to be away from mum once in a while. His attitude towards Kyle has also improved dramatically. Keith now plays happily with him, sharing toys and even praising his little brother’s deeds. And Kyle is happy now that he has a loving big brother.

*Names changed and stock image used to protect identity.

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