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December 4, 2015
Counselling for your family

Families in need of support

When homes no longer feel safe and families break apart, it can be shattering and painful for everyone, especially children. Family Works provides free, professional counselling for children and families who are affected by abuse of any kind. Please contact us for a free, confidential service. One of our counsellors will meet with you and your family to work out what you can do to keep yourselves safe.

What do you need?

Counselling as a family?

Going through a tough time as a family and want some help dealing with it? Our qualified, experienced counsellors can work with the whole family or each person individually – whatever it takes to sort out the situation, help strengthen your family and keep you all safe.

Counselling for a child?

Worried about your child or their behaviour? We provide free counselling for children aged up to 17 years, Our qualified, experienced counsellors can help your child learn how to feel better about themselves, become more confident and resilient, manage problems and emotions, build on their strengths and keep themselves safe.

Counselling for you?

It’s OK to ask for help if you’re going through a tough time! Talking to one of our qualified, experienced counsellors could turn your life around. They can help you find the strength and resilience you need to overcome an abusive situation, manage your emotions, feel better about yourself and become more confident.

Where to start

  • Phone or email your nearest Family Works centre.
  • Tell us about your family’s concerns.
  • We’ll put you in touch with the right person at Family Works to help you.
  • All that we do is confidential.

“The key thing for children and young people is that they have the opportunity to express their feelings and be heard.”