‘Well Done’ Board has first winner

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March 25, 2015
‘Well Done’ Board has first winner

‘Well Done’ Board has first winner

Hamilton resident Brendon O’Farrell posted a photo of his son Darius Foster O’Farrell on Family Works ‘Well Done board’ and won the first of several prizes during the charity’s month-long competition to celebrate children.

Many families encourage their children by displaying their achievements in a place where everyone can see them; it’s often the fridge door or at the office. The ‘Well Done board’ is the online equivalent of the fridge door and gives families a place to showcase that gold star chart, the painting from kindy or the certificate from school.

New Zealand families can share their children’s achievements and milestones with friends and family by posting to the ‘Well Done board’.

Brendon says that when he saw the competition he just wanted to contribute and encourage other parents to celebrate their children’s achievements. “I didn’t even realise there were prizes,” he says. I love my son. He’s basically my pride and joy.”

Brendon, who is living with epilepsy and unable to drive, walks alongside Darius for 1.6 kilometres each morning as Darius scoots to Te Totara Primary School.

He says: “We are sometimes late to school but there were three days in a row when we were there first. When I asked Darius which photo I should use to show his achievement he chose the one where he was the first to school before the other kid who is always first. There’s a bit of a competition.”

Darius, who was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss when he was three and half, received hearing aids in 2013 and is doing really well. Brendon says that since receiving hearing aids Darius’ behavioural problems stopped and he’s now a happy little boy.

“He’s my only child. I spent 10 years in the plastics industry and now I’m a full time single dad. It’s hard, but I love being there for Darius.”

Brendon and Darius have won a photo printed on A3 wrapped canvas and they are hoping it arrives in time for Darius’ sixth birthday this Thursday.

Every week during March families can go in the draw to win a prize for the best photo or story by posting to www.welldone.org.nz. The winners will receive an A3 wrapped canvas with their choice of photo or artwork. At the end of March, the best entry will receive the grand prize of a family portrait session with a professional photographer.

The ‘Well Done’ forum also shares stories of other New Zealand children who desperately need encouragement, such as the 40 families Family Works supports every day through its counselling and social work services.

Family Works General Manager Laurie Pedlar says New Zealand’s most vulnerable children don’t receive enough encouragement.

“Children have an ‘emotional tank’ that needs regular filling with kind words and caring attention. New Zealand’s most vulnerable children could receive more and the ‘Well Done board’ is an opportunity to start that process.”

Proud parents and grandparents can celebrate their children by posting drawings, certificates or photos to the ‘Well Done board’, which will be moderated to protect privacy. In doing so, they will show their support for some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable children.

Visit www.welldone.org.nz now to upload your children’s achievements and to show your support for some of the New Zealand’s most vulnerable children.

To support Family Works’ vital work with children and parents, see www.angel.org.nz.