Parenting Through Separation

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October 9, 2015
Parenting Through Separation

Help your children through a separation

Separating from your partner is stressful enough but when children are involved it can get even more complicated. We understand the difficulties and want to help you to focus on your children and what is best for them.

We offer Parenting through Separation group sessions with trained programme leaders – usually in two sessions of two hours each. You will be able to discuss your parenting issues and gain helpful information in a small group of up to 20 people. Anyone involved in parenting arrangements for children can attend, including grandparents and other family/ whānau members.

The Parenting through Separation programme will help you to:

  • understand how separation affects your children and how to talk to them about it
  • discuss arrangements for your child’s care with your ex-partner
  • make a parenting plan
  • keep children away from conflict
  • find other support services in your community
  • understand how the Family Court works.

Where to start

  • Contact one of the Family Works sites below to find out more about Parenting through Separation.
  • View events to see if the Parenting through Separation programme is running in your area.
  • Book your place in a Parenting through Separation programme.
  • Attend one four-hour session or two two-hour sessions (depending on what the site offers).

“It helps you understand how your children think and how you can make separation easier on them.”