Kayla’s Story

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July 25, 2018
Kayla’s Story

Counselling helps families who’ve experienced violence to heal and form loving bonds – as mum Kayla* and her sons discovered when they sought help to start again.

Having witnessed dad’s violent temper, eight-year-old Tai* had the tendency to be hot-headed and destructive. He hit and bullied his brother Marcus*. Sometimes he refused to speak to anyone including his mum. At school, he had difficulty focusing.

Ten-year-old Marcus coped by retreating into his shell. Kayla was still recovering from the abusive relationship and was working two jobs: she felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and unsure of her parenting skills.

Now, thanks to support from Family Works Angels like you, the family is beginning to heal.

Tai’s teacher referred him to Family Works’ Restore programme. Family Works counsellor Megan* lost no time in building a rapport with the boy who revealed that he was being bullied at school.

Together, they practiced strategies that would help Tai improve his self-esteem and manage his anger. Megan also taught Tai how to identify his emotions and express them in safe, non-violent ways.

Meanwhile Kayla attended the Incredible Years parenting course where she learnt effective parenting techniques, including learning to praise Tai’s positive behaviour and implementing special one-on-one time with her young son.

Tai is much calmer now. He and Marcus have developed empathy for each other and are learning to get along. Tai’s performance in school has also improved.

For the first time, Kayla can see her boys building a close, trusting bond and she feels confident about their future as a family.


*Names changed and image representative only to protect identities.

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