Molly’s story

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August 18, 2016
Molly’s story

Molly 450
*Names have been changed and models used for photos to protect identities

Molly’s* husband was violent and like so many women in abusive relationships, she found it difficult to find a way out. At first, Bill was a good father to their two sons, but his violence didn’t stop. The fighting and arguments grew worse – sometimes he hurt Molly and then he started to hit the children too.

Eventually, Molly did find a way forward. With practical support from Shine and counselling from Family Works, Molly grew in confidence as she learnt how to keep herself and her children safe. A Family Works counsellor also helped the boys heal from the emotional harm of living in a violent home.

Molly still needs our support and encouragement. Bill lives nearby and she continues to be afraid of the power he has to frighten or harm her children, but she’s determined to protect them from further harm.

“I feel an inner strength that I’m not going to give up. It’s been a long journey for the boys to feel safe.”

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